Lipoblue ADVANCE Dietary Supplement 2 Pack

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It is a supplement with excellent track record and worldwide success as FAT BURNER AND LIQUID REDUCER that stimulates the loss of localized fat in arms, legs, back and abdomen for 60 days in men and women who have high activity days or perform a Daily exercise routine, without diet. Although if you have a physical activity and better eating habits are achieved daily, the results will be much better and the effect of LIPOBLUE ADVANCE will be potentiated.

Product benefits:

  • Decreases anxiety and appetite.
  • Greater concentration of FOSKOLINA.
  • Eliminates cellulite and localized fat.
  • Great generator of energy in the body.
  • Does the role of a pre-work.
  • Optimizes the body’s hormonal system and speeds up metabolism.
  • Tones the muscles.
  • Weight loss.

Ingredients and content:

  • Forskolin: GREATER CONTENT OF Coleus forskohlii, which is a tropical plant and is a potential aid as a slimming and antioxidant. is a compound that occurs naturally and has been used in the study of the physiology of cells to activate and produce the hormone sensitive lipase.
  • Raspberry Ketones: Raspberry ketone is a natural substance and is responsible for the delicious aroma of raspberries. Raspberry Ketone has long been used in the cosmetics world and as a flavoring in the food industry, however Raspberry Ketones have a structure similar to capsaicin and synephrine, two molecules that accelerate the metabolism in a great way and cause the elimination of fat in the body by increasing lipolysis, or fat breakdown. What is an increase in the release of adiponectin by fat cells.
  • Green coffee: As its name suggests, it is extracted from green coffee beans and contains a substance called chlorogenic acid, which is responsible for its effects on weight loss, In addition chlorogenic acid can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract, which lowers the blood sugar level. Green coffee beans contain a certain amount of caffeine and several studies have shown that caffeine can accelerate metabolism between 3 and 11%.
  • Seaweed powder: Seaweed They are rich in vitamins and minerals, purify the body as they help cleanse the blood, contribute to normal function of the kidneys and promote the elimination of toxins, stimulate the thyroid thanks to its high iodine content and help remineralization. Therefore they contribute to weight loss and eliminate fat.
  • Acai: Açaí, like many berries of its characteristics, is a rich source of antioxidants and nutrients, which makes it a powerful reducer of free radicals and, thanks to its content of essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it is composed of 40% fiber, and its high concentration of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetable fat make it ideal for athletes and very active.


You should take 1 capsule daily for 60 days in a row, it is important to be every day, and you should consume it with water at the weather between 15 and 45 minutes before taking your breakfast. Remember that each organism is different, so it is important to take a picture with the least amount of clothes possible on day 1, day 15, day 30 and day 60. So you can compare and see the changes you’ve had, the result of the capsules in each person it also depends a lot on the organism of each one. If you want to have excellent health and very high vital energy, it is important that during the 60 days of treatment, taking advantage of the benefits of the capsule, take advantage to improve your eating habits and without dieting or avoiding meals, achieve a healthy diet in your life, at least for 66 days after finishing the treatment. The rebound effect does not exist with this product but if at the end of the treatment you start to eat junk food and high in calories because it is most likely that the body regains its initial weight because your body has a memory which you can change it in 66 days of a different diet.


  • Not suitable for people with high pressure problems.
  • Not suitable for women in pregnancy.
  • Not suitable for women who are in the lactation stage.
  • Not suitable for children under 21 years of age or for people over 60 years of age.
  • If you have any illness or symptom before consuming the product, you should consult your doctor about the consumption of phials for your organism.
  • Not suitable for people with psychiatric cases in progress or who have had a mental illness.