ISSEY MIYAKE PARFUMS is a collection that was co-developed with Beauté Prestige International in France. The first fragrance, L’EAU D’ISSEY, was born in 1992. The idea for this scent, whose name means ‘water’, was conceived of by Miyake, who saw water as both the greatest material, as well as the greatest source for inspiration. It has had a remarkable influence upon the world of perfume.

The Miyake Design Studio supervises the creative direction for the fragrance at every stage, from the initial concept to bottle design, naming, graphics, package design, marketing tools, and publicity.

Issey Miyake’s philosophy has never deviated. His goals are to create fragrances that convey a message, to inspire people with hope for a bright future, to present simple yet functional bottle designs that are at once accessible and universal, while never losing a sense of wonder. As with our clothing design, we continue to create new fragrances that are not only pertinent to our lifestyles, but are also founded in pure essentials.