Hugo Boss The Scent For Her EDP

  • $62.99

Eau De Parfum Spray

BOSS THE SCENT FOR HER, the new seductive perfume for women. Inspired by a journey of powerful seduction, BOSS THE SCENT FOR HER exudes a sublime feminine elegance, warmth and seductiveness that unfolds gradually over time, drawing the BOSS woman and the BOSS man closer. In the top note, the fruity and floral honeyed peach and freesia meet in an exquisite, head-turning combination, attracting both protagonists with a sophisticated yet light and delicate power. As the two get closer, warm and voluptuous middle notes of the oriental osmanthus flower start to reveal themselves. It connects the top and bottom notes to one another; the initially light, delicate allure evolves into a darker, heady quality. Locked together and powerless to resist, the fragrance unleashes a rich bottom note of roasted cocoa. An enigmatic element with strong hidden qualities, it offers an addictive boost that arouses the senses, making the protagonists relinquish control in the moment. It creates an unforgettable memory that captivates both the BOSS man and the BOSS woman equally. The closer they get, the more they discover its rich and seductive qualities.

  • Top Notes: Honeyed Peach, Freesia Bloom
  • Middle Note: Osmanthus Flower
  • Bottom Note: Roasted Cocoa
  • Mood: Romantic & Feminine

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